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Hydrogen is the most common element on Earth. It is a colourless and odourless gas with the lowest density of all gasses.

Hydrogen has many uses, including fuel for transport or heating or as a raw material in industrial processes.

Today, Hydrogen is primarily produced using fossil fuels, which is connected to significant CO2 emissions.

What is Green Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is produced through a process called electrolysis. This process uses electricity, and when that is created from renewable energy sources with zero emissions, green hydrogen is the result.

Green hydrogen is widely acknowledged as an abundant, clean, versatile and convenient energy carrier and as a result, is now regarded as a key part of the energy transition to net zero, alongside electrification from renewable sources.

Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen retains its energy far longer than utility-scale batteries.

Green Hydrogen is transportable in gas or liquid form.

Green Hydrogen can be converted into ammonia or blended with natural gas to tailor its composition to the end use.

Green Hydrogen is lighter than battery stacking making it more efficient for use in the heavy vehicle transport such as trucks, buses, trains.

Green Hydrogen is versatile and can be used in many applications to displace molecular or electron-based energy.

What we do

CLARA Energy is building renewable energy at scale.

We will use new and existing technologies to create green resources at a scale that can significantly reduce emissions.

CLARA Energy will change the way we use green energy in Australia.

We are focussing on green hydrogen and the impact it can have on decarbonising hard-to-abate industries, including:

Heavy Haulage Transport

Domestic Gas

Gas Export

About us

CLARA Energy recognises the importance of green hydrogen for our net zero future.

CLARA Energy is a renewable energy development company centred on decarbonising hard-to-abate industries. These industries include heavy haulage transport, domestic gas, gas exports and chemical feedstock.

We will be an active participant in Australia’s efforts to reduce harmful emissions by 43% by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Our commitments to a cleaner world are aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Goals 7 and 13 and comply with the frameworks they outline.

Who we are


The Hon. Andrew Robb

Andrew has served in key business, industry and political roles in Australia for over 40 years. He was Executive Director of the National Farmers Federation and Australian Cattle Council during the 1980’s. Served as Federal Director of the Liberal Party of Australia through the 1990’s and was elected a Member of the House of Representatives in 2004. From 2013 to 2016, until his recent retirement from politics, Andrew Robb was Australia’s Minister for Trade and Investment.

In this role Mr Robb negotiated Free Trade Agreements with South Korea, Japan and China, as well as the 12 country Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement and  the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with Singapore. Additionally, he conducted 85 investment roundtables with 28 countries. 

Andrew is widely regarded as one of the most successful trade Ministers in Australian parliamentary history.


Peter Howman

Peter is a professional Executive and Non-Executive Director and National CEO of The Year with over a decade of board-level experience across the public, commercial and not for profit sectors with particular experience in Property funds (REIT), Urban Development, housing Built Form, High Technology and Investment Management sectors.

Peter brings a wealth of experience in all major Board disciplines including accounting, audit, finance, governance, legal, policy, high technology, strategy, communication and specifically, property. In a very successful executive capacity, Peter has been responsible for a range of organisations including start-ups to large high technology multi-national originations. In particular, Peter was instrumental in developing and growing a national multi-billion-dollar residential development and construction business.

Chief Executive officer

Nick Cleary

Nick is passionate for the potential of the renewable energy industry, and in particular green hydrogen and the growth prospects they hold. Nick’s desire to change the way people live and use energy in a growing world provides abundant motivation to fulfil CLARA Energy’s vision.

Nick, through CLARA Energy, is investigating new and innovative economic models to ensure renewable energy and green hydrogen are aligned in future plans of our states and nation. Environmental, economic and social sustainability is key in improving and achieving our climate goals,  Nick is excited by the opportunity this presents.

Nick  is an individual who understands the determination it takes to be a catalyst for change within society. He has demonstrated that progress comes from passion, focus and an ability to take action on clear plans in a changing world.

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